Added Value
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To each his needs and expectations...
... AVM offers an exclusive, targeted service.
Proximity, Availability, Exclusivity & Confidentiality
We tailor our services to suit your needs.
We're always there when you need us.
We are there for you and fully respect your privacy.
Our services are unique and targeted.
In addition to managing villas, we can also be present as a personal housekeeper,
we also provide you with a
personal assistant,
we are also there for
last-minute needs.
Personal Housekeeper
Our presence may be requested during your stay to ensure that housekeeping is organized, supervised, and runs smoothly.
- Daily administration,
- Staff administration so that you may pleinty enjoy your
- Research and reservaction of activities you may wish at
any time
- Research and reservation of restaurant or organisation of catering services - we satisfy your wish ...
- Personalised assistance in connection with unforseen
administrative steps to be taken (accident, larceny etc...);
- Research and exposing to professionals, if needed (doctors,
lawyers etc...);
- Translation directly and/or of documents;
- Organisation and supervision of necessary steps to be taken;
- Assistance in connection with real estate and/or financial
Last-minute needs
We are available and help our customers deal
with unforeseen events or special transactions.
- Administrative duties (english/french);
- Secretary services (english/french)
- Organisation of rendez-vous;
- Translation of documents;
- Transfer of telephone line.
Personal Assistant
Some of our clients combine holiday and work. Far from their offices,
we assist them with their work as needed (secretary, organization, etc.).
- Specific preparation of the property with regard to events:
decoration, cleaning, etc. ;
Research and reservation of animations
- Obtaining quotes and various

(catering, traiteur, flowers etc.);
- Special
Organisation: (orders, hairdresser, etc.) .
Our services are often required for event organization and supervision
during our custumer's stays..