Our Services
Comfort & Tranquility
Owner of a beautiful estate,
a sumptuous villa, or a slendid apartment on the Côte d'Azur,
AVM relieves you of administrative tasks and cumbersome chores.
Comfort, tranquility, and security: the cornerstones of your well-being!
Over the past 18 years, Sylvie Mutel has successfully put together a team of quality professionals in many different lines of work, (pool maintenance, driver,
landscape architect, security guard, housekeeping staff, florist, cook, lawyer, doctor, etc.)
We take care of managing your property,
ensuring its security,
completing all administrative formalities,
as well as
organizing your stay.
Managing your property
While you're away, we physically manage your property
according to your instructions:
- Personnel management ;
- Arrival & hosting preparations ;
- Coordinating teams (pool maintenance, gardener, etc.) ;
- Organizing schedules ;
- Anticipating seasonal preparations
(pool treatment, wood delivery, heating, etc.) ;
- Special needs (plants, aquarium, etc.)
- Recruiting personnel ;
- Contacting professionals and getting estimates ;
- Organizing and supervising home repairs.
While you're away, we're there
to look after your property:
- Regular visits (daily, weekly, monthly) ;
- Lock inspections ;
- Alarm system inspections.
In the event of damage or loss, we act as your local contact and take care
of your property:
- Replacing fixtures or furnishings ;
- Meeting with the insurer or claims adjuster ;
- Coordinating and overseeing interventions ;
- Coordinating off and securing the property ;
- Administrative formalities.
Administrative management
While you're away,
we manage your property:
- Administrative tasks (English/French) ;
- Organising payments of bills ;
- Sending mail ;
- Translating documents ;
- Transferring phone lines ;
- Intervention reports .
We'll also accompany you for any administrative formalities,
such as a transaction (buying or delling property)
or meetings with the French administration
(car registration, etc.)
Stay management
For your well-being,
we get everything ready for your stay before you arrive:
- Specific preparations for an event (visiting friends, or great-children, etc.) ;
- Looking into and booking activities (language school, sports instructor, etc.) ;
- Reservations (theater, restaurant, etc.) ;
- Special needs (child care, hairdresser, etc.) .
Contracts serenity
Our services are tailored to your needs.
For your convenience we offer different types of contracts: